Ultimate Memory Training Course Singapore by 6x World & National memory Record Holder, Sancy Suraj. For this memory training course, you will learn the following:

1. Master 7 Effective Memory Techniques for Personal and Professional Information Retention

2. Become a Memory Wizard: Never Forget Names of Clients and Acquaintances Again

3. Learn the World’s Easiest Technique for Important Dates and Financial Numbers

4. Guaranteed Appointment Success: Never Miss Another Work or Personal Commitment

5. Unleash Your Focus and Concentration: Discover the Secrets of Memory Competitors and Wall Street Traders

6. Finding Lost Objects Made Easy: Strategies to Remember the Location of Keys, Glasses, Doors, and Cars

7. The Art of Memory Retention: Transfer Information from Short-Term to Long-Term Memory

8. Nourish Your Memory: The Impact of Diet on Cognitive Function and Best Foods to Enhance Memory

9. Preserving Memory: Easy Ways to Minimize the Risk of Age-Related Memory Decline

10. Supercharge Your Memory in Just 5 Minutes a Day: A Month-Long Program for Remarkable Improvement

11. Master the Skill of Memorizing Meeting Agendas

12. Read and Recall: Simple Strategies to Enhance Memory and Remember What You Read


Date & Time: TBA, 9 AM – 5 PM

Fees: S$889.97 (NO GST)

Location: Live Online Learning with Instructor

Max Class Size: 12

Be Personally Trained by a 6x World & National Memory Record Holder.

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    Ultimate Memory Training Course Singapore

    Sancy Suraj here, proudly representing sunny Singapore. Let me introduce you to my pretty impressive memory.

    My Qualifications:

    In 2011, I had the privilege of representing Singapore at the World Memory Championships, where I left an indelible impression with my remarkable memorization abilities. During the competition, I achieved outstanding feats, including memorizing 176 abstract images in 15 minutes, 98 words in 15 minutes, 480 numbers in 60 minutes, 51 names and faces in 15 minutes, and 460 binary digits in 30 minutes.

    I made headlines in 2011 by securing the world record for the longest colour sequence memorized. longest colour sequence memorized in 2011. With intense focus and dedication, I memorized 160 colours in just 5 minutes 20 seconds, solidifying my position as a memory champion.

    As the record holder for pi memorization and recitation in Singapore,  I astounded the audience by flawlessly memorizing and reciting 1505 digits in just 30 minutes. This remarkable achievement serves as a testament to the power of focused practice and unwavering dedication. RedBull and GNC supported me throughout this memorable journey.

    With a vision to revolutionize memory training, I founded Pinnacle Minds in 2011. Since then,I have impacted the lives of over 40,000 adults & students by equipping them with powerful memory techniques through our immersive workshops, comprehensive courses, and insightful lectures.

    With a strong track record, I have had the privilege of working with over 100 companies, counting among them distinguished names like Singapore Airlines, Bank of Singapore, Maybank, United Overseas Bank, Mapletree Investment, GIC, and Nasdaq.”

    My book has gained recognition and is now stocked in stores like Apple Books and Barnes & Noble. Apple Books,


    “Sancy’s memory techniques have been a true game-changer for me. They are so simple yet incredibly powerful. The section on names and faces has revolutionized my ability to remember people’s names accurately and effortlessly.”

    Jeremy Koh, Citibank, Singapore

    “I can’t thank Sancy enough for their teachings on memory empowerment. Their insights were not only interesting but also highly applicable to my line of work. Mastering memory skills is crucial for success, and Sancy has provided me with the necessary tools. Thank you, Sancy!”

    Desmond Ong, China Construction Bank, Singapore

    “Thanks to Master Sancy’s teachings, memory work has become accessible and practical. He breaks down the fundamentals into manageable steps, making it easy to apply to daily work and living. These simple techniques have made a significant difference. Thank you!”

    Navin Kumar, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Singapore

    “Require support or have questions? Contact me, your trainer, directly. Give me a call at +65 6714 6663 during office hours or email me at outside office hours.”

    “Open the door to a world of improved memory skills! Register now and gain 1 year access to 8 online memory courses worth $1899.97! at Ultimate Memory Training Course Denmark”

    Ultimate Memory Training Course Singapore

    Course 1: Achieve swift speech memorization through a reliable step-by-step technique.

    Ultimate Memory Training Course Singapore

    Course 2: Achieve swift presentation memorization and confidently deliver it without notes.

    Ultimate Memory Training Course Singapore

    Course 3: Achieve impeccable name retention through the application of scientific memory techniques

    Ultimate Memory Training Course Singapore

    Course 4: How to Remember More of What You Read: Master techniques for better retention before, during, and after reading.

    Ultimate Memory Training Course Singapore

    Course 5: The Method of Loci Mastery Blueprint Course: Achieve rapid memorization of large amounts of information.

    Ultimate Memory Training Course Singapore

    Course 6: Achieve rapid memorization of general knowledge facts using accessible memory techniques.

    Ultimate Memory Training Course Singapore

    Course 7: Achieve rapid language memorization at lightning speed using accessible memory techniques.

    Ultimate Memory Training Course Singapore

    Course 8: Achieve rapid memorization of a shuffled deck of cards using accessible memory techniques.

    Despite his remarkable track record, Mr. Sancy remains a humble yet influential speaker. We express our gratitude for the inspiring lunchtime talk you delivered. The memory improvement techniques you shared were met with awe and delight by both guests and trainers, leaving a lasting impact. Your creative and interactive facilitation methods successfully kept our guests intellectually engaged throughout the session. Let’s give three cheers to Sancy and his exceptional five-star lunchtime talk!

    Pinnacle Minds introduces an intriguing and effective memorization technique that is both captivating and unique. I would like to send a message to the speaker, Sancy, expressing my thoughts: “You were amazing! Your presentation was excellent, and your imagination brought a delightful sense of humor. You made the memorization techniques so much more exciting and livelier. In fact, right after your valuable sharing, I immediately started working on a new lesson delivery approach. Thanks to you, I now begin my lesson delivery (especially for theory modules) on a great note these days.” “Thank you very much for making such an impact on me, and I hope to have the pleasure of crossing paths with you again in the near future!”

    “Immerse yourself in an enlightening event where a memory expert reveals powerful techniques for enhancing memory capability through neuroplasticity. Participants actively participate in practice sessions, resulting in thought-provoking and enjoyable moments for all. With its well-coordinated planning, tantalizing culinary options, captivating topics, and interactive sessions with the trainer, this event is highly recommended for other Nasdaq offices.”

    With Sancy’s entertaining and polished delivery, the lunchtime talk became an enjoyable and effortlessly comprehensible occasion. By incorporating his insightful memorization techniques into the exercises he tailored, the content immediately became more relevant and beneficial for our needs. The knowledge we acquired through his talk has set a solid foundation for us to continue enhancing our memory.

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